Pandora Recovery

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Recover your deleted files in NTFS file systems


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Oh no! You've just deleted the Word document that contained all the work you've been preparing for so long for this complicated assignment.

If something similar has ever happened to you, it's better to count on Pandora Recovery, an application that allows you to recover files you've deleted by mistake, although only in NTFS file systems.

Yes, you can recover any file, doesn't matter the type, although the size and time that has passed since it was deleted are important.

When recovering a file, it is recommended that you do it between different units, because otherwise the recovery process can overwrite the clusters that contain the file.

Pandora Recovery shows the compressed archives that can be recovered in blue, the encrypted ones in green and the irrecoverable ones in red.


The names of the hard drives with file systems that are not compatible with Pandora Recovery are shown in grey. As you already know, only NTFS.